Artists - Jacquie & Suze - Two of a Kind Design

 Two of a Kind Design Profile Photo

Brisbane based mums and good friends, Jacquie & Suze, were looking to pursue something fun and fulfilling so they launched Two of a Kind Design in 2016.  In the early days the relied on their beautiful friends to host pop ups to help them spruik their work.  

"Together we created Two of a Kind - a concept of collections which include art, handmade designed & unique pieces for the home.  Each product is made with love and care.  We cultivate a theme on which to work and the themes are ever changing and interchangeable with the next.

We are inspired by the eclectic range of colour, texture, pattern and fabrics.

Out ultimate ambition is to love what we do and develop collections which are artisan in style and unique every time."

Their latest collections have a coastal undertone and then further inspirations are applied from there.  

You can view the full Two of a Kind range here.