Artist - Chelle Wallace

Chelle Wallace Photography The Oceanside Collective NSW

Chelle is a visual story teller, photographer and writer. She specialises in fine art, still life, landscape and portrait photography.

She is the creator of the local souvenir series ‘The Places You’ll Go’, a range of quirky Australian landscape images presented in a range of styles. As a lover of landscape Chelle captures the everyday beauty of ordinary and iconic places and crafts a range of photographic momentos in playful and vintage tones that she hopes will magic you back to a place...a memory, a moment in time...that stirred your spirit.

Still Life Photography is the focus of her fine art practice and offers a continuing experience that deepens the way she interprets, understands, and reclaims her own matrilineal story. She has been a finalist in the Lethbridge and BAM art prizes, was selected in 2020 in the top 12 of Australasian emerging portrait photographers, and had her first solo show at the Tweed Regional Downtown Gallery. 

You can view her range here.