Artist - Julian Jett

Julian Jett Photographer Lennox Heads 

Originally from rural New Zealand, Julian’s first foray into working life was as a housepainter. For years he painted houses all summer, and then travelled the world surfing during winter.

Julian met his wife Jemiel by chance while backpacking in Madrid (his mate asked to borrow her Vegemite!). They later travelled around Australia, before settling in Fremantle.

Julian got work removing old furniture on Rottnest Island of which much of it was solid Jarrah, beautifully weathered. He couldn’t believe they were just throwing it away, so he started using it to make photo frames. Soon realising they would sell better if he put pictures in them, he bought an old camera and then caught the photography bug.’

‘My main focus is landscape photography, but Fremantle is full of old buildings and this triggered an interest in urban decay photography. There was an abandoned old power station nearby and I would take pictures of the coastline through its broken windows.’

In 2011, the couple decided to relocate to Lennox Head, where Julian steadily built a portfolio of landscape images inspired by the natural beauty of our coast and hinterland.

Julian is an experimenter by nature, and prints on unusual mediums including timber. His images are quintessential Australian; culture, lifestyle, flora and fauna.

Julian has a keen interest in community and loves that photography provides him with constant opportunities to meet people and hear their stories.  A proud father of two daughters, this wanderer of the world has now put down roots. 

You can view his range here.