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beach House transformation
The post 2019 era see's the majority of us spending more time in our homes, travel plans side lined and the work/home line blurring, it makes sense to want to transform our homes into beach house bliss.
Whether it's a tropical oasis, contemporary coastal vibe or bohemian retreat, there are some key elements that can bring your beach house dreams to life, with no sea views required (although certainly welcome!)
Here are our top five, we would love to hear your additional below in the comments.

1. Neutral Palettes

A neutral palette reflects the colours of natures, bringing the outdoors in along with its powerfully calming energy.  Its a great base to pull your other style elements together, providing space for furniture or decor to draw the eye.  A neutral palette can be more than just white on white, try sage greens, tan, seafoam, rust, and dusty corals for a coastal bohemian vibe.  Black and Tan are best suited for a tropical feel.
Bilinga Beach Abode Bathroom
Photo: Instagram @Billing_Beach_Abode. You can shop our range of coastal inspired cushions here

2. Textured Textiles

Space to lounge is an important part of any beach house, whether its for lazy mornings in bed, space to snuggle with a good book or a place to rest after a busy day embracing nature, soft furnishings really dictate how a space is to be used.  Statement textiles made with natural fabrics and interested detailing like tassels, tufted patterns, or chunky weaves make a space feel warm and inviting.  If you are afraid of colour this is a great space to start.
Vanilla Palm Abode
Photo: Instagram @vanilla_palm_abode. You can shop our range of coastal inspired cushions here

3. Jute Decor

Part of the coastal aesthetic is being respectful of the natural world we share (one of the many reasons we love supporting our local artists).  Jute adds depth, texture, warmth and interest to a space while being a renewable natural vibe that is wonderfully environmentally fabric.  It is a stylish backdrop to accent pieces and is a central element of coastal bohemian design.
Jute Rug Coastal Inspired Home
Photo: Instagram @benrichardsonbuilding To dip your toe into jute, try our clay and jute wall hanging here

4. Shell Accents

A coastal beach house would not be complete without bringing shell decor into your styling.  Such a popular detail of a coastal inspired home there are a large array of options to choose from such as a statement shell chandelier in the corner of a room, larger statements shells or a shell necklace hanging on a wall.  
Note: When sourcing shell decor its very important to check where the shells have come from and if they were sustainably sourced.  As we are 100% Australian made our shells and coral are sourced from Australian distributors who legally & sustainably collect from Australian shores.
Shell Chandelier Queensland Renovation
Photo: Instagram @carolinestreet_

5. Coastal Art

Ever heard the expression "If walls could talk", most do, with the inclusion (or exclusion, of art. A contemporary beach house may choose surf, water and traditional seaside inspired prints, for a coastal bohemian aesthetic you may choose art that includes raw timbers and/or palm trees.  If your creating a lush tropical vibe this may be where you pack your most punch with colour like aubergine hues against vibrant greens. Artwork is one of the strongest ways to speak the energy you want your home to give out, setting the mood for how one will live the everyday habits and routines.  We love to use wall art to add another textural layer to our home, using a combination of both prints and interesting mixed medium decor eg. hand painted timber, clay, mirrors, etc.
The Trek Belongil Beach
Photo: Instagram @the_oceanside_collective Our complete collection of wall art can be found here

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