Weekend Project: Bedroom Refresh

Coastal Inspired Styling Weekend Project

We love creating meaningful spaces that add to your home a sense of belonging and soul.  Our bedrooms are where we absorb our experiences at the end of the day and the first environment to impact our mood when we wake.  Making this an authentic and purposely designed space is a worthy cause.  

Below are five easy ways of refreshing your bedroom to bring alignment to who you want to be each day.


I love wallpaper with all that it can provide, from texture, to colour, personality, a big statement or a subtle suggestion.  And now its more available than ever before with a variety of companies offering an easy peel and stick method, so if your renter or a home owner with commitment issues, there is no need to be afraid of wallpaper.  Its so easy to install that you can DIY.  

 tropical lux bedroom with neutral wallpaper

Resort style living at its finest with Neutral Tropicals wallpaper from Luxewalls.

Photo Credit: @villa.de.sol


Add coziness, texture, and warmth to your bedroom with cushions, making it feel inviting, relaxing, completing your sanctuary. It's so easy to change and they will make a massive difference once you refresh them.  Try mixing and matches different sizes and shapes.  While a few may never get used purposely, just being there, pleasing the eye when you enter the space ,can make you feel instantly a little more zen.

Tropical Coastal Bedroom Yucca House 

 Lush Tropical Coastal vibes - Raffia, Macrame, Palm Trees and a spot of leather makes this bed sing!

Photo Credit: @yucca_house

Shop the Oceanside cushion range here.


Think sheets, quilt covers, comforters, rugs and runners.  You can layer two or three throw rugs of difference thickness or texture.  This can be style at the top if you keep your cushion arrangement fairly simple or at the base of the bed if you have the whole orchestra up the other end.  Whatever you decide try be a bit adventurous with texture when it comes to layers, its really what adds that extra sprinkle of indulgence.

Bedroom Coastal Classic Layers oh eight oh nine 

Layers and layers of bohemian coastal goodness.

Photo Credit: @oh.eight.oh.nine


Plants can add life to any space, but not if they are dead so decide if real or artificial is best for you to start with, This is typically then decide what you have to choose from as many of the artificial plants can actually be pretty fickle plants to grow in real life. Whether you go with the real deal or not, greenery brings shapes and energy to a space that general decor cannot.

 Bedroom 4 poster plus greenery coastal style

 This classic country coastal look is given an extra splash of luxe by the use of full scale greenery.  

Photo Credit: @cocopalmdesign


This is my absolute goto style tip, especially in a bedroom where we spend more time barefoot then in any other space.  There is an old rule about starting with the rug first and building around it, Im not a firm believer in this as I do like to refresh mine when Im wanting an energy lift in a room.  What I would say is don’t scrimp on the size, spend the little bit extra and get the right size for the room, it will make all the difference.

Coastal Boho Bedroom Rug 

We love everything about this vibe, from the ceiling to the rug. Classic coastal with a sprinkle of boho to make you go ahhhh.

Photo Credit: @designlovesdetail 

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